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Why N.O.A is different?

NOA Focuses on providing 4 services Business English, Business coaching, Corporate training and Business Consulting.  We have Native English Speakers many with Master degrees and MBAs and over 15 years of professional Global work experience.  

Some of the companies that have trusted us with their coaching and training. EY, Generali Assurance, The Mall Group, CP, Hitachi, Uniliver and many more...

Why choose N.O.A?



  • We do not have teachers, we have coaches who have degrees and MBAs from the top universities programs.

  • We used accelerated learning.

  • We give placement and progressions test.  



  • You will be able to ensure you are getting the proper business vocabulary that is used in today’s global business market and you are learning a business skill while also improving your English skills.

  • You will learn 6 times faster by being coached on your learning preference (accelerated learning).



  • You will be able to learn additional skills beyond English. For example, sales, presentations, marketing, negotiating and confidence building. 

  • By learning with our accelerated learning technics, you will reduce your over all training course.

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