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Precio del curso

30,000 baht

Duración del curso

3 Months

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This Business Writing Course is an accelerated, interdisciplinary writing course designed to improve the workplace writing competence of Business professional and pre-professional students that need the top skills to write in their native Language and English. What makes NOA’s Business writing course different than any other in ASEAN is it is ALWAYS taught by a Seasoned MBA English native speaker.

Business writing isn’t like any other form of English writing or communication and NOA’s management feels it is a requirement to have a coach that fully understands these differences and is able to coach these skills at an accelerated rate. The course focuses on the practice and study of selected types of discourse employed in professional business situations and helps prepare professionals for all kinds of business writing they will encounter in their professional lives. The class is intended for students with pre-business or business major standing. Much of this class is conducted in a workshop format with a lot of engagement with the MBA coach. We also include a 6-month e-learning subscription that accommodates the coaching sessions in this writing course.

Key Topic:
-The 4 types of effective business writing.
-Using Gerunds to develop detail sentences.
-10 different types of adjectives.
-Business email writing.
-8 different way to use commas.
-Write clear and concise documents.
-Contract writing.
-Meeting note taking and more.

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