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3 Quick B2B LinkedIn Strategies That Everyone Can do

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

1. You have a unique tone and voice, so should your company.

Whenever your company posts on LinkedIn, a page to your website, or respond to LinkedIn engagement, you can use this as an opportunity to establish your brand’s tone and voice. Just like customers recognize your logo, you want them to recognize your brand’s tone and voice.

When using all of your marketing outlets, your social content should always be carrying the same tone and voice that connects to your company's perspective on the industry and engagement with your target market. You have to decide do you want your company to have an Ethos, Pathos, or a Lagos brand tone and voice.

2. Highlight your employees.

First reason, spotlighting your employees allows your target market to put faces to the company and personalizes the company’s brand. This is especially important for SMEs as they build brand awareness. The advantage of being a SME is you can allow your target market to connect with you and your company on a more personal level. This is a great start.

Second reason, highlighting your employees is a great opportunity for employee branding. Example, if you are an app development company and one of your employees is doing an amazing job building and developing innovative app platforms instead of posting the completed project alone, post the project with the employee. This personalized touch allows your prospects to gain a personal connection with your work and team before they pay for the product or service.

Showcasing your staff once a month is a great way to get organic engagement and free marketing.

3. LinkedIn Documents are Life

LinkedIn documents are an amazing way to use social media creatively and take advantage in developing your brand’s tone and voice.

Creating and publishing multimedia content on your company and personal LinkedIn allow your direct target market to find you and engage with your brand much easier this also helps with building your company and its website SEO. Building a bigger internet footprint is always key.

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