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3 quick ways build your Instagram following (business/personal)

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

1. Understand your audience

This is critical no matter what marketing you produce. You might create the most

beautiful Instagram content in the world, but if it doesn’t appeal to your target buyer, what’s the point?

Take the time to find out who your existing audience is, and think about who you’d

like them to be. Since you’re using Instagram for marketing, you need to

consider whether they are potential buyers, or can help you build your brand in

some way.

So how can you learn more about your audience?

2.Try Instagram Insights

Facebook owns Instagram, and they’ve introduced a similar tool to help users of

the image network.

The tool offers some interesting insights (hence the name) into the people

following and interacting with your account. These include:

·Impressions: How many times your content was viewed.

· Reach: Total number of unique accounts that viewed a piece of content.

· Website clicks: How many clicks the link in your business profile has received.

· Follower activity: How often your followers are on Instagram daily.

·Video views: How often your video content has been viewed.

3. Saves: How many people have saved your posts.

Insights also includes demographic information, so you can see where your followers come from, their age, and their gender. With this, you’ll have plenty of information about your existing Instagram audience. But what if you want to attract new followers? Use a listening tool. Social listening shows you conversations happening on social media that includes Instagram. A good listening tool will tell you what people say about your brand or your industry on Instagram. If you’re trying to appeal to new Instagram users, you need to know what makes them tick. Monitor Instagram for keywords that matter to you. That might mean hashtags you or your competitors have created, or other terms that relate specifically to your industry. Look for images and content styles that have proved popular, and consider producing similar content. What’s important is that you know what Instagram users respond well to, so that you can produce winning content yourself. That makes social listening tools like Mention a must-have Instagram marketing software.

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