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4 reasons why your Marketing Strategy seems lost

1.You don’t have customer personas; AKA Who is your target market?

Even if many different demographics buy your product/services, you need to find out who is your ideal client/customer. We suggest that you focus on that ideal target market which is about 4% of the total market. Then begin creating your marketing message around that ideal 4%.

In order to build a great target market persona, you need to be able to answer these 6 questions:

1. What is their Job title(s), life stage/age demographic (never more than a 10-year range), career path, family, Income?

2.What are their needs/pain points?

3.What social media channels do they use the most?

4.What are their unique characteristics: hobbies, passions entertainment outlets?

5.What are their preferred content types i.e articles, videos, podcast?

6. What is their budget for your product/service?

You should always start here before you create any content or marketing strategy. When we have discovery sessions with CMOs from very successful companies, first thing we ask them is "who is your ideal target market/target market avatar. We almost always get "anyone that can pay for our service" if you start your marketing strategy and content creation with this idea, you will be wasting a lot of money on your marketing. Even if you hire a expert short term (3 months) it will cost you a lot less in the long term and have a great impact on your profits.

2.Your content leads to nowhere

Every piece of content should encourage a "Call-to-Action". That action can be visiting your website, reading another article, signing up for a newsletter, filling out a survey even just adding your LinkedIn. If you are creating great content your audience is going to want more and want to reach out to you. Make it easy for them by telling them what the next step should be. We tell our clients sometimes "just ask".

I have a "Call-to-Action" but it isn't working.

If you do have a call-to-action but still are getting low engagement or conversion rates, review your marketing strategy, marketing content and customer journey and make sure they are all alined. If you are making content to gain marketing exposure (common for start-ups) but your call-to-actions is to purchase your product or service, then your marketing strategy isn't alined with your sales pipeline or your customer's journey. You want to make sure they are always Alined.

Last, one fact that often causes low conversion rates are outdated and poorly design websites. When a company first finds out about you. more than 92% of potential customers go to your website before they purchase your services. If your marketing content is great, your email campaigns are getting high open and click rates but those rates are not converting to meetings or sales, most likely there is an issue with your main marketing presentation outlet i.e your social media channels or website.

Rule of them for your website:

1.60 second rule: If users can not find what they want in under a minute, they will leave the website and most likely never come back.

2.You should revamp your website every 2-3 years or if one of these factors are true;

  • Your business has grown substantially in a relatively small time period

  • Your company is going through a major rebranding

  • Your analytics show that website visits have significantly decreased

  • You want to begin selling a totally different services/products than your traditional core business.

  • Your current website is not mobile-friendly (mobile-responsive) (50% of people will visit your website on a mobile device.).

3.You aren’t looking at your customer journey

If all your content is focused on just selling your product, you will actually drive customers away. Only 20% of your marketing should be focused on selling, pricing and promotions. You want to build a relationship and by building a relationship you create brand loyalty. If every time buyers connect with your brand you are trying to get money from them, they will begin to feel like its a very one-sided relationship. This will cause you to lose credibility with your marketing efforts because people will immediately dismiss your content as an ad and stop reading and clicking. If you focus on the opportunity to build long-term relationships and nurture potential customers you will be "Top-of-Mind" when they are finally ready to buy. Remember only 3% of your market is looking for your product/service right now. (Chet Holmes Demand Pyramid)

The best marketing strategy addresses all stages of the customer journey: awareness, consideration, purchase/decision, and loyalty. That is especially important if you are in an industry or business that has low brand differentiation. For example, if you are doing PBX phone systems, many companies are white labeling the same company for their PBX services. Ads and promotions alone will not convert your potential customers into paying customers. We ask all out clients in their Discovery Session "Why you?' We often get very subjective answers. You need to be able to answer this question very objectively with no emotion in the answer. We suggest using logos answers when answering the "why you" questions.

4.Your marketing is not active nor frequent enough.

Remember you always want to be "Top-of-Mind" in your market. creating 3 great marketing post in one week then nothing for the rest of the month, does more damage than good. Marketing is like the story of the turtle and the hare. frequency/consistency always beats out intensity. No matter your budget, remember you always do better posting great new content consistently at the same amount each week over a long period of time than a lot of content over a short period of time with big gaps.

Example, if you only have time to create 4 great blogs a month, it is more effective to post one once a week for one month than post all 4 in the same week with nothing for the rest of the month. Remember only 3% of your market needs your product/service now. By posting with a active frequency marketing strategy, it allows you to stay "Top-of-Mind" with your potential clients. A great way to ensure your spacing is correct is to hire experts that understand how to deliver the type of frequency/consistency you will need with your industry. "Remember slow and steady wins the race."

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