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5 Mistakes You are Making on LinkedIn

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

1.Inappropriate Profile Picture

You did upload a profile picture from Facebook, but it’s a cropped vacation picture or a photo that also has your spouse, partner, or even that special night where you had your favorite Dress or Swag suit on? A MAJOR no-no. Keep it K.I.S.S (Keep it simple stupid) stay “professional.” Group, couple and sexy photos have their place on Facebook, not LinkedIn.

2. Your Summary is Extra Basic

The summary section on LinkedIn can be viewed the same as your cover letter when looking for a job or your home page of your company website. Letting LinkedIn fill this section in for you is a major mistake. You do better taking the time out or one day write out your summary and having a marketing consultant taking a quick look. This should not cost much in upfront investment but when it comes to getting that next client it is the difference between you and your competitor.

3. A Generic Profile URL

LinkedIn provides every account with a personal URL. This is a long no meaning Web address. Most people don't know but you have the ability to customize your URL to a more personal address—, to your name or what your company does for your clients.

The other benefit of a personal URL is the consistent branding it provides. By creating the same customized URL for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., you’re strengthening your brand and your page rank with search engines. This all leads to brand awareness and recognition.

4. Your LinkedIn Title is also Extra Basic

Under you name, LinkedIn will list your profile title. Yes, you may be a Sales Professional or a recent graduate, but you could also describe yourself as “Expert Professional in Life coaching with 15 year of experience┃ Marketing & Sales Leader with more than 40% growth in the first month┃10+ Years.” People love engaging titles, and this is a great place to summarize your selling points and excite your profile visitors. We also suggest adding Ethos, Pathos, or Logos in this section to start your sales pitching.

5. You are not Engaging in Professional Groups

LinkedIn is for connecting and networking. Now what better way to network than to network in groups with likeminded professionals. Joining groups that are within your niche or target market, and then participating in them allows you to develop your Brand in your industry.

Four easy ways to Engage in LinkedIn Groups:

1.Ask a question

2.Start a discussion

3. Participate in someone else’s discussion.

4.Create excellent content that is very useful to that industry.

It will show your expertise, your LinkedIn profile and company. Every member of the group receives a summary email of that day’s or week’s activity, so by participating, you’re getting your name out there in front of potentially hundreds of people.

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